All Elbow Room, Not Your Typical Sushi Bar

Elbow Room, Not Your Typical Sushi Bar


First-time American visitors may often be surprised at what is and isn’t on the sushi menus here in Japan. There are few “cooked” sushi and even fewer familiar rolls, though staples like salmon and the dwindling tuna remain abundant.

In Kanazawa, however, one can find caterpillar, rainbow, and California rolls, if you know where to look. And if you thought these were exotic in America, you’re not alone! They are considered as such in Japan as well, which only contributes to the popularity of the bar that serves them, Elbow Room.

My Favorites from Elbow Room

Negitoro on Fried Rice at Elbow Room in Kanazawa, Japan

How about some fried sushi? Negi-toro tuna on fried rice, served sushi style, chewy and savory.

Avocado Roll at Elbow Room in Kanazawa

The Avocado Roll, a twist on unagi, the typical eel and sauce sushi.

Fried Salmon at Elbow Room in Kanazawa, Japan

Fried Salmon in a beautiful boat, served with tartar sauce.

Crispy and scrumptious Salmon Skin Roll at Elbow Room in Kanazawa, Japan

The crispy and scrumptious Salmon Skin Roll, topped with bonito flakes.

Sweet Potato Fries at Elbow Room in Kanazawa, Japan

Sweet Potato Fries. Need I say more?

About the Chef

After spending time in California, chef Toshi Sasue brought American sushi back to Japan with him, adjusting his recipes and presentation to suit Japanese tastes. In addition to typical itzakaya fare—savory and salty skewered meats and vegetables, perfect to accompany a frosty beer—his shop, Elbow room, offers these dangerously delicious fusion dishes, a favorite of locals and foreign visitors alike, just a short walk away from Omicho Market.

Elbow Room 
57 Jikkenm-machi
5:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m., Monday – Saturday

1.6 km from Kaname Inn Tatemachi


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