A Winter Stay in Kanazawa: January, December, February


Enjoy the beauty of Ishikawa as the air begins to chill…

Winter at Kenroku-en, snow, in Kanazawa, Japan The 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art with Outdoor Exhibitions in snow, Kanazawa winter Suzuki Zen Museum in Kanazawa in winter

…and catch a special, winter-only event…

Happy New Year, Kanazawa, Japan. (Kaga Firefighting event in the snow, Dezome Shiki) Hirumo Koya's winter festival under a blanket of snow, Yuwaku Onsen, Kanazawa Photo from Kanazawa Tourism, Geisha throwing beans during Setsubun unesco heritage site shirakawa go in winter

…before taking a long winter’s nap…

Kaname Inn Tatemachi Standard Twin Room 704, photo by Nik van der Giesen

at Kaname Inn Tatemachi.

Welcome to Kanazawa.


select images courtesy the tourism associations of respective cities and of Nik van der Geisen (hitonoto)


A foodie who has explored all things edible in Kanazawa, from high-end sushi and ryokan multi-course dinners to casual meals and snack bars. His recommendations have been shared by friends and now even magazines ask for his opinions! Unofficially the best taster in the city. ;) Ask him anything!