We want to share with you the best Kanazawa has to offer, to give you the best Kanazawa experience, as we set out to do when we first created Kaname Inn Tatemachi.


We want to share Kanazawa with you.

Capital to one of the wealthiest regions of the Edo era and unsullied by foreign wars or natural disasters, Kanazawa has enriched west Japan with the fruits of its samurai history and artisanal culture.

In addition to its many man-made wonders, Kanazawa boasts breath-taking natural wonders as well, with easy access to some of the most beautiful beaches on the main island and nestled against the Japanese Alps.

The construction of the Hokuriku Bullet Train in spring of 2015 transformed travel from Tokyo to Kanazawa into a swift and easy commute, opening the doors for everyone to explore this previously hidden gem of Japan.

Our goal in welcoming you to Kanazawa—this beautiful and historic city we call home—is to share with you the best Kanazawa has to offer, to give you “the best Kanazawa experience,” as we set out to do when we first created Kaname Inn Tatemachi.

However, we realize that what is “best” differs for each person...

People vary in both their known interests and in yet-to-be-discovered loves! How then can we provide you, our guest, with a customized experience?

With this in mind, we have opened our hotel on Tatemachi Street in downtown Kanazawa.

Amid the falling cherry blossoms in April of 2017, Kaname Inn Tatemachi and Kanazawa Music Bar opened, bringing a new level of comfort and travel flexibility to the city.

Kaname Inn Tatemachi has thirty-seven generously spacious rooms in a stylish, modern decor, providing the perfect place to heal a weary body after lengthy travels through Japan. Our reception staff are available round the clock to cater to any need, from pointing out that perfect place to obtain unique Japanese ceramics to reserving a table on your behalf at the right restaurant for your culinary desires.

Kanazawa Music Bar readily became a focal point in the local bar scene, ideal for enjoying a cocktail or two in the evening while listening to Kanazawa Music Bar's professional selectors choose from the impressively curated vinyl collection.

To guests throughout the world and throughout Japan: Welcome to Kanazawa. We will always strive to make “the best Kanazawa experience” for you.


Over the course of its 400-year existence, Tatemachi has hosted a variety of shops, old and new, some hip and stylish, some with more traditional fare, still owned by the families that established them so many years ago. The promenade serves as a gathering place for the young and the artistic, a route for parades and lanterns, living Lolita dolls, trick cyclists, fashionistas, soulful buskers, and starry-eyed newlyweds. With its sunshine, sense of play, selection of dining and sweet snacks, and youthful faces that keep us hopeful about Japan’s future, Tatemachi has become more than just home to many of our staff, and certainly more than just work to all of us at Kaname. For us, Tatemachi is a cultural hub, and a microcosm of Japan’s—and certainly Kanazawa’s—interweaving of the historic and the modern, where human values and tastes transcend time and—we believe—national and language boundaries.
We look forward to sharing Tatemachi with you when you visit.