Looking for recommendations in Kanazawa, Japan? Add these authentic cultural experiences, activities, and sightseeing spots to your itinerary. From geisha to samurai, tea ceremonies to edible gold leaf ice cream, traditional Japanese gardens to Zen Buddhist inspired architecture, this “Little Kyoto” has it all.

Nomura Samurai Family Residence Museum in Nagamachi, the Samurai District in Kanazawa

The Samurai’s Hometown, Nagamachi


Literally meaning "the long samurai residence neighborhood," this district was home to high and mid…

Komatsu Yasuke, Rolls and Sushi in Kanazawa

A Legendary Sushi Shop in Kanazawa: Komatsu Yasuke


The sushi master of Komatsu Yasuke in Kanazawa is one of Japan’s sushi legends. Now over 80 years o…

Sushi on conveyor belt, sushi train at Kuine in Kanazawa, Japan

All Aboard the Sushi Train! 4 of Kanazawa’s Best Conveyor Belt Restaurants


The canopied stairway to the vermillion pained Kanazawa Shrine.

Of Sacred Wells and Magic Stones: The Secrets of Kanazawa Shrine


Curio's Sol and Yuko, by Aaron Mannino

Kanazawa in Focus: Confessions of a Connoisseur


Mifuku, Kanazawa

Kanazawa’s Divine Dining, Part 2: Ginger Oyster & Beef Hot Pots at Mifuku


Hiyoko, Kanazawa

Kanazawa’s Divine Dining, part 1: Wonderous Wagyu at Hiyoko


Kobocha sweet pumpkin custard mushipan, by Aaron Mannino

Kanazawa in Focus: She Sells Sweets by the Seashore


Ramen in Kanazawa (photo by Aaron Mannnino)

Kanazawa in Focus: The Slurp Heard Round the World


Kanazawa in Focus: Kanazawa’s Architecture, Monumental & Intimate


Traveling artist Olesya fascinated with the gold leaf wrapping her vanilla ice cream in Kanazawa, Japan

Welcome to the Ice Cream Capital of Japan!


5 New & Original Cocktails at Kanazawa Music Bar