Looking for recommendations in Kanazawa, Japan? Add these authentic cultural experiences, activities, and sightseeing spots to your itinerary. From geisha to samurai, tea ceremonies to edible gold leaf ice cream, traditional Japanese gardens to Zen Buddhist inspired architecture, this “Little Kyoto” has it all.

Machiya, Traditional Japanese Living


Daily Life Centuries Ago… Kanazawa is famous as “Little Kyoto.” You can walk in the historica…

5 New & Original Cocktails at Kanazawa Music Bar


Kanazawa Music Bar (KMB) opened in April, 2017 on first floor of Kaname Inn Tatemachi. For our one …

Komatsu Yasuke, Rolls and Sushi in Kanazawa

Komatsu Yasuke, Legendary Sushi in Kanazawa


Nihonshu, or sake poured in a tasting glass

The Essentials of Sake, Japan’s National Drink