Looking for recommendations in Kanazawa, Japan? Add these authentic cultural experiences, activities, and sightseeing spots to your itinerary. From geisha to samurai, tea ceremonies to edible gold leaf ice cream, traditional Japanese gardens to Zen Buddhist inspired architecture, this “Little Kyoto” has it all.

Within Kanazawa Castle, Aaron Mannino

City of Gold


Aaron Mannino – "Though staying rooted in single city may have sacrificed a larger more varied scope of Japan, Kanazawa provided the more intimate and microcosmic path, best suited for my artistic intentions and personal style."

The Color Activity House at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, Japan

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Shoji and trunk at Yuyado Sakamoto, in the Noto, north of Kanazawa, Japan (hot spring hotel, ryokan)

Yuyado Sakamoto: A Unique Ryokan Experience in the Noto


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Traveling artist Olesya fascinated with the gold leaf wrapping her vanilla ice cream in Kanazawa, Japan

Welcome to the Ice Cream Capital of Japan!


Sushi Shusai Nakamura, a hidden sushi restaurant in Kanazawa near Kaname Inn

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Komatsu Yasuke, Rolls and Sushi in Kanazawa

Komatsu Yasuke, Legendary Sushi in Kanazawa


Nihonshu, or sake poured in a tasting glass

The Essentials of Sake, Japan’s National Drink