• I couldn’t reserve through your system. / I didn’t receive confirmation for reserving my room through your system.

      If you have any issues with our reservation system, please contact us immediately by email. To expedite your booking, please include the following information:

      family- or surname:
      given name:
      check-in date:
      check-out date:
      number of guests:
      preferred room type(s):
      phone number:
      preferred plan type:
      additional notes, such as floor level preference, fabric allergies, etc

      Please also let us know the country and browser you are trying to reserve from. We will use this information to improve our system in the future.

    • What is your cancellation policy?

      For prepaid rooms, no cancellation fee is charged up to three (3) days prior to check-in. Cancellations made two (2) days before the check-in date incur a fee of 50% of the room charge. No-shows and cancellations made within one (1) day of check-in incur a fee of 100% of the room charge.

      In cases of cancellations due to some emergency, please contact us as soon as possible.

    • Do I need a credit card to make a reservation?

      Not at all! We will gladly hold a room for you without a credit card number.

      We ask, instead, that guests pay up front upon check in, in cash or credit card, or that your travel agent make the appropriate arrangements with us to prepay your reservation. You may also pay for your room in advance by credit card if you wish.

    • Which credit cards do you accept?

      We accept most credit cards, including—but not limited to—Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. We are unable to accept Union Pay at this time.

      If you are unsure if your specific card will be accepted, please feel free to inquire by email.

    • Is breakfast included in the room rate?

      All guests who book their reservations directly through our website or by email receive breakfast on us.

      Guests who prepay through travel agencies (not OTAs) may choose to pay for breakfast meals in advance. Other guests who pay upon check-in will, at that time, be shown that season’s choice of breakfast asked if they would like to add it to their plan.

    • We are traveling with children. Is there an extra charge for them?

      Although a limit on the number of adults is placed for fire safety standards, children under 12 do not count against this limit.

      A limited number of baby beds (cribs) are available for travelers with infants at no charge. Please let us know if you would like to reserve one for your room.

      If you need more space than a room provides, please consider booking a second room or booking beds in Kaname Hostel, just a few blocks away here on Tatemachi Street.

    • I booked through an OTA and need to change my room type.

      Currently, we are unable to change a room type for a reservation made through our OTAs. Please cancel and re-reserve through the OTA of your choice or book directly.

    • I booked two separate reservations. Can I have the same room?

      Please contact us to let us know if this is the situation for you. If it is possible, we will of course set both reservations in the same room and let you know whether we are successful.

    • Can I pay before check-in?

      Yes. We accept payment in advance by most credit cards. Please contact us with your reservation name and dates to request an invoice.


    • When is check-in and check-out?

      Check-in is from 3:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Late check-ins are perfectly acceptable. Please let us know if you will be later than 10:00 p.m.

      Check-out is by 11:00 a.m.

    • Can I check in early?

      Early check-ins are possible under some circumstances for a fee of 1080 yen per hour, up to three hours prior to check-in start time.

      Early check-ins are not possible on Saturdays, national holidays, or other busy days. Please contact us in advance if you would like an early check-in. We appreciate your understanding.

    • Can I check out late?

      Late check-outs incur a fee of 1080 yen per hour, up to three hours after check-out time, after which, the room’s rate for the following night will be charged.

    • Do you have rooms for more than two people? More than three?

      Our Double and Deluxe rooms are suitable for families and multiple travelers.

    • Do you have connecting rooms?

      We do not have connected rooms; however, we will place multiple rooms under the same reservation as close together as possible. Please alert us at the time of your reservation if this is the case for you.

      Please note that Kaname Inn Tatemachi has only up to one Queen and one Double room per floor.

    • Do you have smoking and non-smoking rooms?

      All rooms and interior spaces of Kaname Inn are non-smoking.

      Designated smoking areas are on the 8th floor balcony and near the hotel’s main entrance.

      Thank you for not smoking inside Kaname Inn Tatemachi.

    • What size are your beds?

      Our beds use Japanese-sized Simmons mattresses.

      Standard and Deluxe rooms each have two (2) semi-double beds: 122 cm × 195 cm (48 in × 77 in) each.

      Double rooms have one (1) double bed: 140 cm × 195 cm (55 in × 77 in).

      The sofa in the Double room and our Deluxe rooms can also pull out to a double-sized bed. Let us know if you need extra linens (free of charge) or if you would like us to have the sofa bed made when you arrive.

      Queen rooms have two (2) single mattresses that have been pulled together to form an oversized queen bed: 194 cm × 195 cm (76 in × 77 in).

    • I would like a different bed than the one in my room type. / I will need an additional bed.

      Please choose a different room type more suitable for you and your party.

    • Do you have roll-away beds or baby cribs? Is there a charge?

      We have a limited number of baby beds (cribs) with bedding available free of charge for our guests. Please contact us if you need to reserve one for your room.

      We do not have have extra or roll-away beds. If you need more sleeping space, please consider booking an extra room or changing your room type.


    • What amenities are available in the rooms?

      Rooms at Kaname Inn all include toothbrushes, unisex dressing gowns, slippers, towels, a hair dryer, electric kettle, cups and tea bags. If you need extra of anything, including additional blankets, please contact the front desk during your stay.

      All rooms also include air conditioning units and wifi and are now equipped with “handy” smartphone devices, which allow internet connection and international calling, as well as an easy way to contact the front desk.

    • What amenities are available from the front desk?

      Upon check-in, guests are encouraged to take as many shower caps, razors, and cotton swabs as they need.

      Upon request, we can deliver the following to your room at no extra charge:

      mouthwash, hair comb, clothing iron, humidifier, nail clippers, sewing kit, thermometer, bottle cap and cork opener, extra seating stools, and baby beds

      Please note some of these items may be limited in quantity.

    • Do you have televisions in your room?

      Most of our rooms are already equipped with televisions. Standard rooms with the front-facing view are not. However, we will deliver and connect televisions to these rooms upon request.

    • Do you get any English channels on your televisions?

      We only receive Japanese stations at this time.

    • Can I get wifi at Kaname Inn?

      Absolutely. We have free wifi in all the rooms, in the hotel lobby, and in Kanazawa Music Bar on the first floor.

      We can also lend you a pocket wifi device upon request.

      Additionally, all of our rooms are equipped with “handy” smartphone devices that you may use as you need during your stay.

    • Do you have laundry facilities?

      Our Deluxe rooms are furnished with a washing machine, line-dry hangers and liquid detergent for guests’ who reserve those rooms.

      A 24-hour coin laundry is five minutes away from us on foot. Washers are 300 yen, and dryers are 100 yen for every 10 minutes. Detergent can be purchased at one of our nearby convenient stores.

    • I’m allergic to down / wool / cotton. Do you have hypoallergenic sheets and pillows?

      Yes! If you are allergic to natural fibers, we can change the sheets and pillows for a semi-double bed at no extra charge. Please let us know in advance if you need this service.

    • Do you have an ATM?

      An ATM is located in the 7-11 convenience store a minute walk away on the same street.

      Access for major international credit cards is generally 24 hours, though some may be unavailable for up to 20 minutes around midnight.

      Different cards have different daily limits. Please know your card’s limits so you’re not caught unawares!


    • Can I leave my luggage before check-in or after check-out?

      Absolutely. We will happily hold your luggage for you.

    • Can you ship luggage or other items?

      We would be happy to help ship your luggage to your next destination within Japan.

      We can also ship other items, within certain limits, to any Japanese domestic address.

      For any items shipped, the maximum width, length, and height ADDED TOGETHER must not exceed 160 cm (5 ft, 3 in), and the total weight may not exceed 25 kg (55 lb; 3 stone, 13 lb, 2 oz.). The rate ranges from 600 to 4,200 yen, depending on size and weight.

      All contents must be declared on the shipping form. Kaname Inn Tatemachi cannot accept responsibility for any items lost or damaged during shipping.

    • Can you accept a package on my behalf?

      Absolutely. Please let us know in advance of your package’s arrival, and ensure that the name on the package matches the name of your reservation.

    • I think I left something in my room. Can you ship it to me?

      We can offer several ways to ship depending on the value and fragility of the item. Contact us to arrange details. Please include the details of your reservation and your room number when inquiring.


    • How do I reach your hotel from Kanazawa Station / Komatsu Airport?

      Please check our access page for detailed directions from these locations.

    • I’m arriving by car. Where can I park?

      We have parking information on our access page.

      Although we do not have private parking at the hotel, Tatemachi Street does have several lots within a short walking distance of us. Please keep in mind the size of your vehicle and length of your stay when choosing a lot.

      If parking at one of our tie-up lots, please park before checking in. At check-in, purchase one of our discount parking tickets, which you can deposit as you leave the lot.

    • I’m arriving by bicycle. Where can I park?

      Tatemachi Street has a public bicycle parking area close to the Oval Parking lot, accessible from Tatemachi Street. We have this marked on our “Kanazawa Guide” Google Map.

    • I don’t feel comfortable leaving my bicycle outside.

      Guests of Kaname Inn who have folding bicycles and a bag in which to store them may keep their bicycles in their rooms with them.

    • How do I use the bus to get back to the station?

      Turn right when leaving the hotel. At the end of Tatemachi Street, cross the intersection. To the left (south), in front of the shopping mall’s H&M store is the northbound Katamachi bus stop. The Loop Bus, marked [RL], arrives every 15 minutes and will take you to the station, from 9:04 in the morning to 18:31 (6:31 p.m.).

      Most—but not all—city buses from this stop run to the station. Look for “金沢駅” on the front display, or you can ask the driver before boarding, “Kanazawa eki?”

      You may also choose to turn right (north) instead of left after the Tatemachi Street intersection and head to the Kohrinbo bus stop close to the Starbucks store. Here you can take the Loop Bus, Kenrokuen Shuttle Bus, or most of the city buses to reach the station.

      All bus rides from Katamachi and Kohrinbo bus stops to Kanazawa Station will be 200 yen per person (100 yen for 12 and under).

    • My party and I would like to take a taxi back to Kanazawa Station, but there are more than 3 of us. Can we take a large taxi?

      It is possible to book a large taxi, but large taxis on call will charge by the hour, not by the ride. Therefore, we recommend taking two regular taxis if calling them less than 48 hours in advance.

      To schedule a large taxi, please let us know two or three days in advance, when possible.


    • Can you reserve a restaurant for me?

      We would be happy to call any restaurant on behalf of guests of Kaname Inn and Kaname Hostel. Please let us know as early as possible which restaurant(s) you wish to reserve, for how many people, what time you would like to dine, if you are flexible about the time, and if you have food allergies.

      Please note that restaurants vary greatly on when they begin to take reservations and how quickly they are booked.

    • Can you help me with a reservation to the Ninja Temple / for the bus to Shirakawa-go / etc.?

      Absolutely. Please let us know how many are in your party, when you would like to go, and whether you are flexible about the time. Please also book early for holidays and peak seasons when possible.

    • How can I go on one of your private tours?

      Just ask! Please let us know at least two weeks in advance. We can take you to one of our favorite spots in the city, or we can make a more customized tour for your interests. Please check our article on customized tours through Kaname Inn for more information or contact us directly.


    • I would like to reserve breakfast with my room reservation.

      All guests who book their reservations directly through our website or by email receive breakfast on us.

      Guests who prepay through travel agencies (not OTAs) may choose to pay for breakfast meals in advance. Other guests who pay upon check-in will, at that time, be shown that season’s choice of breakfast asked if they would like to add it to their plan.

    • Where can I eat?

      Kanazawa Music Bar on the first floor (street level) serves lunch and dinner entrees, specializing in French- and Italian inspired cuisine that incorporates regionally-sourced Japanese ingredients of the local Kaga region.

      We are constantly adding new articles about our personal food favorites in Kanazawa and on our “Kanazawa Guide” Google Map.

      We are also surrounded by restaurant districts. Looking for somewhere to wander into? Head west of us for bars and izakayas along Katamachi’s Shintenchi streets. For restaurants, follow the angular roads in Kaki-no-ki-Batake just northeast before the 21st Century Museum.

    • What are restaurants' holidays?

      Many fine dining and traditional restaurants close on Sunday, and many businesses, like casual restaurants and bars, close on Wednesday, including Kanazawa Music Bar on our first floor. Please keep this in mind when making dinner plans for these days.