Count Down to 2020 with Us at Kanazawa Music Bar!


The decade ends in just a few days. Will you celebrate Japanese style or in a more western way? Why not both? Kanazawa Music Bar will be serving gratis toshi-koshi soba to guests beginning at 10:00 p.m. Dining on these buckwheat noodles is a New Year’s superstition for inviting luck and good health into your […]

Paysan Hearbal Tea: Hand Picked & Locally Grown


Kaname Inn Tatemachi is now offering herbal tea from the local herb farm Paysan, near Kahoku Lagoon, as a room amenity and as an aperitif tea at breakfast.

Breakfast for the 2019-2020 Winter Season


Beginning November 1, 2019, Kaname Inn Tatemachi will be offering a new breakfast to its guests in the morning. As with all dishes from Kanazawa Music Bar, this meal is made with local ingredients from Kanazawa and the surrounding areas in Ishikawa Prefecture. Our goal is to offer you, our guest, a morning meal that […]

Up to 40% Off Your Stay: Winter Premium Plan


Limited time only offer: Up to 40% off our regular room rates Our highest available discount for your winter trip in Japan! Only available for reservations of two (2) or more consecutive nights from December 1st, 2019 to February 29th, 2020. All directly booked reservations made through include: free breakfast priority views for Standard […]

Eco Policy


We invite our guests to join us in keeping our world green and healthy for generations to come. Our hotel has incorporated policies to reduce waste, and we offer a water station for guests to refill bottles and other containers rather than purchase more plastics. Many amenities are available upon request, including reusable bags. 1. […]

“Discovering Kanazawa” by Yasushi Kurita


The Joys of Kanazawa Ishikawa Prefecture hugs the Japan Sea. As you head inland, the coast gives way to snow-capped mountains, underneath which hot springs waters roil. And in the middle of the Prefecture sits one of Japan’s most attractive cities: Kanazawa. . . . Kaname, Hotel If you need a reasonably priced place to […]

Accommodation Tax for the City of Kanazawa Begins


For all Kanazawa visitors from the 1st of April 2019: Kanazawa City has instituted an accommodation tax on all paid accommodations (hotel, hostel, Airbnb, etc.). The amount is determined by the room charge, per room, per person, per night. If the price of lodging per person, per night is less than ¥20,000, the tax for […]

Our Breakfast Coffee Selection: “No. 3 Warehouse” Roasters


Enjoy the taste of Kanazawa as much as possible during your stay, starting with your morning coffee. Good Coffee with Good Music Our selection for coffee with our breakfast comes from the No. 3 Warehouse Coffee Roasters, located 23 minutes from central Kanazawa. Renovated from an old warehouse, they also host a huge, comfortable cafe […]

“Kanazawa: Japanese town of your dreams” by Anshel Ma


Just don’t call it Little Kyoto After climbing a precarious flight of wooden stairs, I find myself sitting in a little teahouse in the Kazue-machi chaya district, one of three main entertainment areas in Kanazawa. It is freezing out, and as I gaze out the window, the river is flanked by blankets of white on […]

“City of Gold” by Jane Molinary


More than two-and-a-half centuries ago in Kyoto, Japan, Toraku Sanjin tossed and turned. A butterfly that kept landing on his pillow made him unable to sleep. Having his folding fan close by, he threw it toward the insect in an attempt to shoo it away. Needless to say, he missed, but, not for naught. He […]