Ganza Odart, Rwandan artist's exhibition, We Believe
One of the works by Ganza Odart, Rwandan artist, featuring the forms of African women

This weekend and next, the vibrant work of Rwandan artist Ganza Odart will be featured in Kanazawa Music Bar and the first floor lobby area of Kaname Inn Tatemachi for the exhibition: “African Project: We Believe.”

Portrait of a young woman by Rwandan artist, Ganza Odart

Ganza Odart is a graphic artist from Musanze, Rwanda. When he was a child, he drew pictures on walls with charcoal, surprising everyone and igniting his own passion for art. After graduating from Ecole D’Art De Nyundo, an art school in Rwanda, he won several awards including the Young African Artist Master Card Foundation Award.

Abstract painting of African faces by Rwandan artist, Ganza Odart

He expresses pride in the land and community of Rwanda, and his work evokes the traditional culture of his homeland. He also teaches art to kids in Rwanda, and launched the project “Art for Change” to fund school uniforms and stationery. In 2021, he collaborated with PBUH, a multivisional brand, and began holding the art exhibition “We Believe” in Japan. He is working on various projects with an effort toward “making this world a better place together.”

Ganza Odart's projects include aiding children through his art and introducing art to communities

March 19th (Fri.) & 20th (Sat.), 2021
March 26th (Fri.) & 27th (Sat.), 2021
18:00 (6:00 p.m.) – 24:00 (midnight)
Kanazawa Music Bar
Kaname Inn Tatemachi, 1st floor
41 Tatemachi, Kanazawa, Ishikawa
free admission

Ganza Odart on Instagram: @ganza_odart, @Art_for_change_street_children