Komatsu Airport

From Komatsu Airport

By Bus
approximately 40 minutes
  • 1. At the kiosk near the airport’s #1 and #2 bus stops, purchase a ticket for, and then board, the Komatsu Airport Limousine Bus bound for Kanazawa Station.
  • 2. Disembark at the last stop, Kanazawa Station’s Port Exit (formerly, West Exit).
  • 3. Cross the station’s main hall to the Kenrokuen Exit (formerly, East Exit).
  • 4. Take a local route bus or taxi from outside the station’s Kenrokuen Exit. (See directions from Kanazawa Station below.)
Kanazawa Station

From Kanazawa Station

By Bus
approximately 8–10 minutes
  • 1. Buses traveling from the station to downtown Kohrinbo (香林坊) are frequent. Take any bus traveling to Kohrinbo from the #3, #6, #8, #9, or #10 station bus stops.
  • 2. Remain on the bus until the fourth stop (Kohrinbo). Pay ¥200 to the deposit box at the front of the bus when disembarking.
  • 3. Travel south (facing the same direction as the bus would have continued to travel) and walk straight through 2 traffic lights. In approximately 3 minutes, a McDonald’s will be on the left.
  • 4. Turn left onto “Tatemachi Street.”
  • 5. Walk another 1 minute. Kaname Inn Tatemachi will be on the left.
By Taxi
approximately 10minutes
  • 1. Enter the next available taxi at the station’s Kenrokuen Exit.
  • 2. If arriving between 12:00 and 7:00 pm, tell the driver, “Tatemachi, McDonald’s.,” otherwise, say, “Kaname Inn Tatemachi.” (Speak slowly and clearly.) Depending on traffic, travel time may be between 10 and 15 minutes.
  • 3. Pay the fare upon arrival (approximately ¥1100). Exact change is preferred, if possible. Do not tip.
  • 4. Walk 1 minute down Tatemachi Street. Kaname Inn Tatemachi will be on the left.
KANAME Kanazawa Japan


Through traffic is not allowed on Tatemachi Street between 12:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.

Although Kaname Inn Tatemachi does not have its own parking lot, there are several other lots within a short walking distance of the hotel.

Take a ticket at the lot of your choice, then purchase a discount ticket from the front desk for tie-up lots (Oval Parking lots). Submit both tickets to the machine when you leave the lot at the end of your stay.


For guests staying more than one night, are arriving very early or leaving very late, or who have large vehicles, we recommend the Oval Parking lot.

86-1 Tatemachi, Kanazawa-shi,
¥1800 for 24 hours

Google Map Location
GPS DMS: 36°33'33.0"N 136°39'13.6"E
GPS DD: 36.559173, 136.653790

Entrance Location
GPS DMS: 36°33'31.2"N 136°39'12.2"E
GPS DD: 36.558654, 136.653401