'04 Standard Room at Kaname Inn Tatemachi in Kanazawa, Japan

The Joys of Kanazawa

Ishikawa Prefecture hugs the Japan Sea. As you head inland, the coast gives way to snow-capped mountains, underneath which hot springs waters roil. And in the middle of the Prefecture sits one of Japan’s most attractive cities: Kanazawa. . . .

Kaname, Hotel

If you need a reasonably priced place to stay, we recommend the Kaname Inn. The Kaname Inn opened in 2017. All the rooms are more than 25 square meters. Present your ANA tickets at the Kanazawa Music Bar, located on the first floor of the inn, to receive a plate of food as well as a drink coupon. The owner, Hiroshi, is a member of the Inbound Promotional Committee and is very enthusiastic . . . read more

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