Yasaburo, Traditional Japanese Cuisine

Sashimi plate at Yasaburo, Japanese cuisine in Kanazawa, Japan

Yasaburo is a charming Japanese restaurant that opened in 2014 within a renovated machiya that is itself just over 90 years old.

It has an excellent balance between the traditional and the new that comes through in the food, the dinnerware and even the selection of sake and organic wine.

The chef at work at Yasaburo, Japanese cuisine in Kanazawa, Japan

Whenever my friends visit Kanazawa, I always take them here. The best seats are at the counter closest to the chef and kitchen. You can see the elegance of the chef’s work.

Yasaburo, Kanazawa Izakaya, machiya, Kanazawa Restaurant

Don’t forget to order their house potato salad, and especially remember the Noto beef: it melts in your mouth.

Be sure to have some of the sake here too. The chef will help you choose the perfect pairing to your meal.  

drink sake at yasaburo

Perfectly paired sake at Yasaburo, Japanese cuisine in Kanazawa, Japan

Hondamachi 3-10, Kanazawa
near the D.T. Suzuki Museum
650 meters from Kaname Inn Tatemachi

photos by Nik van der Giesen


Nao can tell you anything you need to know about crafts, music and sake and was herself a singer in Tokyo for nine years. She is now living in a machiya, a kind of old Japanese townhouse, for her project, hitonoto. insta@yasutanao