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Half a decade ago Ryann fell off a bus and then fell in love with this traditional-crafts and ice-cream-consuming capital of Japan. Editor and amateur photographer with a penchant for nature and history. Not actually fifty songbirds in a trench coat.

Two kinds of Sakura Manju for the Cherry Blossom Season in Kanazawa Japan

Sakura Sweets and Treats


Japan loves sakura—cherry blossom—flavored treats. Available a few weeks before the first blossoms and for a few weeks after they fall, these are generally available between mid-March and mid-April. Don't mistake this flavor for the cherry…

Kanazawa City Official, geiko geisha

Where to Find Geisha in Kanazawa


Although Kanazawa's mysterious "Women of Art" share their titles with Kyoto's—geisha are called geiko here and throughout West Japan—they are considerably shyer with their presence. However, that doesn't mean that geiko in full makeup and …

Dinosaur skeleton on display at the Fukui Dinosaur Museum

Fukui Dinosaur Museum


For the dinosaur lover, young and old, no visit to Japan is complete without a day trip from Kanazawa to the Fukui Dinosaur Museum, one of the top thee museums of its kind in the world, the largest in Japan, and dedicated to excavation, re…

meditation room of dt suzuki museum in kanazawa

The Origin of Zen


The popularity of Zen Buddhism; with its stronger focus on nature, the possibility of spontaneous enlightenment, and an emphasis on mentors and teachers rather than deities; exploded as the developing samurai warrior class adopted its teac…

geisha dance in kanazawa

What does “hyakumangoku” mean?


The Maeda Clan was the largest samurai clan outside the ruling Tokugawa Shogunate. To avoid appearing threatening, much of the wealth was spent not on amassing a military but on developing culture and the arts, which led to the area's moni…